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Passing this window the almost symmetric alignment caught my eye. And in an indescribable way I found it humorous as I saw the picture in a frame and us looking at it. Can’t find the words. Perhaps the display of the display? I was definitely a colleague to her at that moment.


Print size: 4,5 x 7 inch (11,5 x 17,5 cm)
Frame size: 7 x 9,5 inch (18 x 24 cm)

Place: Venezia, Italy
Year: 2003
Month: January

Camera: Leica M-6
Lens: Summicron 35mm. f.:2

The photograph is hand signed and dated on the mat (passepartout) by Jesper Sø.
The frame is made in Denmark using FSC certified wood (wood from sustainable forestry) and arrives to you without glass. Not because of the easier shipping, but because I believe photographs should be enjoyed without the visual disturbing light reflections on the glass.
The mat (passepartout) is cut from PH neutral carton.
The digital print made from scanning of a slide (dia positive) on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper Supreme. As the name suggests it has good archival abilities. That being said, nothing stays unmarked of time and light, so the image has a sort of build in change over time, as any other photographic image has.

Viewed image colors and contrast will vary with monitor type and settings